FAB Design’s Mercedes S-Class Coupe Isn’t Fabulous At All

Fab Design is well-known for creating some outlandish bodykits and has lived up to its name following the release of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe ETHON, set to debut at the Geneva Motor Show.

The tuner has taken one of the most beautiful cars on the market and installed it with angular front and rear fascias alongside custom wheels and lowered side skirts. Of all the changes, the new front bumper is certainly the most obvious due to its newly-shaped air intake surrounds and a color-matched horizontal bar stretching from one intake to the other.

As for the wheels, they have been created in house by Fab Design and are dubbed the Evolution II, measuring 22×9.5 at the front and 22×10 at the rear.

As the ETHON is based around the S63 AMG Coupe, it receives its grunt from a twin-turbo 5.5-liter V8 engine. Even though that engine is already extremely potent with 577 hp, Fab has lifted output to 630 hp and 920 Nm of torque.