Faster Cars, Cockpit Protection Set For 2017 Formula One Season

The FIA has approved plans that will see Formula One cars become faster and be installed with cockpit protection from the next season.

To make F1 cars up to three seconds per lap faster, 2017 will see front tire widths swell from 245 mm to 350 mm, while rear tire width will increase from 325 mm to 405 mm. Additionally, front wings will be 150 mm wider to produce extra downforce, a change matched by 200 mm wider and 150 mm shorter rear wings.

Furthermore, the width of the cars themselves will rise from 1400 mm to 1600 mm and the rear diffuser will be both taller and wider. Due to the larger cars, the maximum weight permitted will sit at 722 kg plus tires, rather than the current 702 kg.

Just as important will be the adoption of cockpit protection, designed to make racing significantly safer for drivers. The FIA is favouring a so-called ‘halo’ design (pictured) created by Mercedes, but other options, including a transparent canopy, are being evaluated.

Before coming into effect, the changes must be ratified by the World Motor Sport Council by April 30.