Fiat Brava’s Day Goes From Crappy To Catastrophic

On a list of things you never want to happen to you, finding your car submerged in sewage is probably somewhere near the very top.

While this Fiat Brava is just an inanimate object, its owner certainly feels certain ways about having the city of Moscow attack his car in the manner that it did. Then again, there’s not much you can do in that situation but call for rescue in the form of a tow truck, right?

Not so fast! Apparently, things can get messy real fast once you have no choice but to somehow have your car removed from wherever it got stuck. If you think simply towing it away will fix most of your problems, you’ll probably think again once you watch the entire video.

Also you may want to think twice before purchasing a used Fiat Brava without making sure it’s in excellent condition (whatever that may be when it comes to this car) because in certain situations, you may be better off just flushing that money down the toilet.

And yes, we’re trying really hard not to spoil what happens in this video, because it’s exactly the type of thing that makes people want to cover their mouths in disbelief.

As for all the puns, they were of course 100% intended!