Ford Will Not Come To Paris Motor Show This Year

Ford is going to skip this year’s Paris Motor Show as the company says that the timing doesn’t fit their launch schedule.

The report comes from AutoNews with a Ford of Europe spokesman saying: “It’s about picking the right place and right way to deliver your news. Paris didn’t hit the sweet spot.”

Ford is expanding their show presence to include exhibition events that are not only car-related such as the CES in Las Vegas and the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Attending traditional motor shows can become very expensive, with the costs involved into the millions as explained by IHS Automotive analyst Ian Fletcher. “It is increasingly difficult for some OEMs to justify the expenditure on these types of events.”

Other major car-makers that didn’t appear in recent Motor Shows include Jaguar Land Rover, Tesla and Mini which skipped the last Detroit Motor Show, with the latter also going to miss the upcoming Geneva show.