Honda Crowned ‘Most Reliable Manufacturer’ In Survey Of Over 30,000 European Drivers

A reliability survey carried out from the Organization of Consumers and Users with over 30,000 drivers participating found Honda finishing in the first place as the most reliable car brand.

The survey included over 178 different models with Honda receiving a reliability rating of 93/100 and with 79% of the participants saying that they would recommend one of Honda’s models.

The Honda Jazz finished first in its vehicle category, followed by the Toyota Prius and the Renault Clio with the 1.1-litre petrol engine. Other models of the company were rated similarly in their perspective categories such as the Civic, CR-V and Insight which finished in the Top 10 of their segments.

The OCU survey was focusing on reliability and asked the participants if they experienced breakdowns in the past year and to find out what type of problems the drivers had experienced. According to the findings, one in three drivers had a breakdown during the last year, with 16% of them having a breakdown while driving. The most common cause for this is the failure of the electrical system, followed by the braking system and the engine electronics.

“Reliability and quality are synonymous with the Honda brand,” says Honda Motor Europe’s senior vice president, Philip Ross. “The results of the survey highlight the importance of the quality commitments Honda has made to its customers. It is important for Honda to ensure that customers can experience the joy of owning a Honda vehicle and enjoy driving them with the peace of mind that the cars are among the least likely to experience breakdowns.”