Mini Challenges Stereotypes With Clubman Super Bowl Commercial

With an audience of over 100 million expected to tune into Super Bowl 50, Mini has called upon some massive names for its 30-second commercial staring the latest Clubman.

The spot stars the likes of Serena Williams, Abby Wambach, T-Pain, Randy Johnson, Tony Hawk and actor Harvey Keitel and attempts to challenge the stereotypes and defy the labels often associated with Mini’s vehicles, such as it being a “chick’s car”, a “gay car” or a “short man’s car”.

The ad is certainly more serious to others we’ve seen for Super Bowl Sunday, particularly those from Hyundai. Nonetheless, it does reflect Mini’s defiance against the norm and its continued pursuit to be different.

Department head of Mini brand communications Tom Noble commented:

 “Ever since the first Mini was built in 1959, it has been labeled as one thing or another. It’s small. It’s cute. This campaign acknowledges those labels in a very authentic way while simultaneously showing people Mini is more than that. With the launch of the new Clubman, our brand is growing up, our products are more sophisticated, and its time to reset the conversation.”