Mercedes-Benz Starts GLS Production In Tuscaloosa

Following its world premiere in November 2015, at the Los Angeles Auto Show, the “new” Mercedes-Benz GLS has hit the assembly line in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA.

The facility has a tradition in SUVs production of Mercedes-Benz Cars and this is where the manufacturer builds the GLE and GLE Coupe too. The plant, which celebrates 20 years of production in early 2016, has assembled more than 303,000 vehicles.

Demand for Mercedes-Benz SUVs has increased and January sales were 62.5 percent higher than in the first month of last year, rising to new record of 53,966 units. Most of the SUVs in the company’s portfolio were renewed in 2015 and sales of the GLC, GLE and GLE Coupe reached “record levels“.

The German manufacturer refers to the GLS as “the S-Class among SUVs” and promises “best-in-class safety“, agile dynamics and luxury combined with comfort, suitable for “everyday use or venturing off the beaten track“.

In the United States, the “facelifted GL” is available for order now.