Momo Edition VW Jetta GLI Ready For Chi-Town Trek

After its official unveiling at SEMA, the Momo Edition Jetta ended up at the 2016 Chicago Auto Show with two mountain bikes strapped onto its roof rack.

In the flesh, this custom turbocharged Jetta looks willing to promote a particularly active lifestyle, which is evident not just from the high-end MTBs on top, but also the 19″ Momo alloys, lowered ride height, cat-back exhaust, H&R coil-overs and four-piston Brembo calipers.

The interior, which you can check out here, features a limited edition MOMO GT50 Anniversario steering wheel, complimented by the ‘Momo’ headrests. There’s also a small display in the side air vent which provides the driver with technical info such as turbo boost, exhaust gas temp, coolant temp, throttle position, speed and 0-60 timer.

Other additions include personalized floor mats, doorsill protectors, cargo net & grips plus quite a few other goodies from the VW Accessories range.

It may not be the proper car to take you off the beaten track, but it can surely take you close to the edge, from where you and your friends can hop on your bikes and ride off into the sunset, whether it’s cross country, enduro, downhill and so on.

Overall, you can make a case for this being a more attractive car than your everyday Jetta, seen as how the red theme together with the yellow stripes make for a “hard to miss” compact sedan.