NanoFlowcell Reveales Production-Ready QUANTiNO EV

The QUANTiNO debuts as the first production-ready, low-voltage electric vehicle equipped with the constructor’s trademark powertrain.

Part of the QUANT series, this first street-legal, low-voltage EV is premiering in “near standard” configuration – as the car maker describes it. In fact, the car will first make its grand appearance at the 2016 Geneva International Motor Show, together with its bigger siblings, the QUANT E and the QUANT F.

The little QUANTiNO, which was named to express a diminutive form of the QUANT range, has been completely revised since its first unveiling in concept form, in 2015.

Featuring the nanoFlowcell powertrain, the model is rated at just 48 volts and outputs 80 kW/107 hp. The power is split between four electric motors, one four each wheel, which means that the pure-electric automobile comes with four-wheel-drive. Unfortunately, the company didn’t provide additional information regarding the QUANTiNO’s performance figures.

But hold your horses, even though the car is essentially ready for production, it doesn’t mean it will be made available for the general public, as nanoFlowcell AG says that a small-batch run of QUANTiNO is essentially possible, a feasibility study will determine the final decision.

The QUANTiNO will share the showroom floor with nanoFlowcell’s QUANT FE model, a thoroughbred sports car with a coupé-ish 2+2 design, powered by an 801 kW (1075 hp) system.