NBA Star Anthony Davis Drifts Into Action In H&R Block Spot

While some basketball stars prefer to endorse cars that can get you in the zone, or can simply prove your doubters wrong, others just like to look good while filing their tax returns.

Let’s face it, few people actually think about paying taxes when they imagine what the lifestyle of an NBA star looks like, let alone one who’s just 22 years old.

New Orleans Pelicans superstar Anthony Davis is now officially fresh off his monster 59 PTS 20 RBS career-high game and his first ever TV commercial that doesn’t involve sportswear in any way.

During a recent interview, Davis talked about how complicated it is to pay taxes as an NBA player, though that doesn’t mean he should keep things simple when promoting his latest endorsement deal.

While he’s not behind the wheel of the car, the video depicts him “drifting into savings” inside a black Dodge Challenger, with what looks like an accountant behind the wheel.

It’s an interesting concept, and somewhat funny as the camera zooms in on his serious facial expression as the Challenger is coming out of the drift.