New Alpine A120 Interior Leaked, Confirms Double-Clutch Gearbox Rumor

Alpine is set to reveal the new A120 sports car in five days but this leaked image is our first chance to see what the interior will look like.

The image reveals a very attractive dashboard which mixes modern and retro details rather nicely, like an infotainment screen fused with an analog clock. An array of metallic switchgear is positioned below while the climate control is operated by three circular knobs which remind us those of the Audi TT.

This could be also the first confirmation of the seven-speed double-clutch gearbox rumor, as the paddles behind the steering wheel and the buttons on the center console reveal. The three-spoke steering wheel is dressed in leather and Alcantara and features the Alpine logo.

It’s not clear yet if Alpine is going to reveal the final production model or another concept on February 16. The sharp design of the driver’s side mirror suggests that the car to be revealed will be a near-production final concept, with the actual production model to follow on a later date.

Some people might think that the interior looks too much like an Audi but we reserve our judgement for when the car will be officially revealed.

A series of patent images were leaked last summer reportedly showing the exterior of the new lightweight Alpine A120. The car is basically a production version of the Alpine Celebration concept and is expected to offer 250 to 300hp from a turbocharged 1.8-litre petrol engine, with the weight being kept down to 1100kg.

H/T To Auto-Moto!