Can Ford’s Focus RS Beat The Audi RS3 And VW Golf R?

The ultimate Focus goes against the finest German specimens in a battle for the best AWD super hatch.

There is an enormous hype that surrounds the new Focus RS, with Ford throwing in it everything they’ve got to make sure that nothing will stand in its way.

Cars like the ballistic Audi RS3 should feel threatened, despite the better straight-line performance and the higher price tag, while the VW Golf R should prepare for the hardest fight of its career.

The 300+hp hatchback club is now more crowded than ever, with each car in it offering a different recipe for the same purpose: To offer the sportiest experience in a real-life, practical package.

Auto Express
drives the three contenders back to back in order to find out which one deserves the hype more in order to become the new everyday hero car.