New Zealand Police Officer Loves Country’s First RWB Porsche 911

Akira Nakai, the master behind Rauh-Welt Begriff (RWB), recently launched the New Zealand arm of his company by creating two custom 964-gen Porsche 911s and they’re so epic that even local police are impressed.

The first RWB 911 created in NZ is painted grey and adorned with all the available body panels from the small Japanese company. For example, both its front and rear fascias have been overhauled while flared wheel arches are included in the package as is the customary rear wing.

The second example is almost identical but instead of grey, is painted in a stunning shade of dark purple and was tested out by a local policeman.

RWB decided to interview the police officer and if you can understand his strong accent, says that the arrival of the company’s tuned 911s is massive for the New Zealand car scene.

Given how rare and special RWB’s creations are, we fully understand his excitement.


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Posted by RWB New Zealand on Friday, February 19, 2016