Nissan Qashqai & X-Trail Concepts Due For Geneva

In order to celebrate the European sales success of their crossover range, Nissan has built two heavily customized versions of the Qashqai & X-Trail.

The Qashqai Premium Concept was put together by Nissan Design Europe (NDE) in London, whereas the X-Trail Premium Concept was thought up at Nissan’s Global Design Center (GDC) in Japan.

Though these two are entirely separate models, their colors, materials and overall themes do match.

Nissan used a contemporary matte black as the dominant color in the Qashqai Premium Concept, with high quality golden copper-colored detailing accentuating various points on the body shell, such as the wheel arches, window line, headlight clusters and even the roof rails.

The contrast is further highlighted by the carbon fiber used in the lower sections, as well as the machined 20″ wheels – which differ in design from the ones used on the X-Trail.

Inside, Nissan used soft white Nappa leather upholstery, with quilting finish on the central section of the seat back and base, plus a copper gold weave throughout the interior, matching up with the black satin chrome and liquid gloss black found on both the steering wheel and gear shifter.

The X-Trail Premium Concept comes with a matte white paint as its main color, with a deep black matte carbon fiber finish for the hood and the roof in order to give this compact SUV a more rugged appearance. Golden copper is also featured here, on the front skid plate as well as on the 20″ wheels.

The interior of the X-Trail Premium Concept is covered in a natural tan and black color scheme meant to reflect the car’s adventurous side. The seats are tailored in a tan-colored leather and Ultrasuede combo, while black carbon fiber finishing and matte chrome black are used on the dashboard and door trim.

“We allowed the creativity of our design teams to shine through in this two-car project,” said Shiro Nakamura, Senior VP of Design & CCO of Nissan Motor Co. “Ultimately we settled on two designs – which are contrasting but share common themes – as they reveal a new premium character in our crossovers.”

By bringing these two cars to the Geneva Motor Show, Nissan is giving us a sneak peak into what their idea of personalization looks like in the crossover segment.