Oops, C-Class Driver Crashes Into Lamborghini Aventador In New Zealand

A white Lamborghini Aventador has been left with a damaged quarter panel and broken front axle after a crash in Auckland, New Zealand on Thursday.

While parked on the side of High St on Thursday afternoon, a black Mercedes-Benz C-Class T-boned the Italian supercar after leaving an adjacent parking building.

The exact reason why the C-Class hit the Aventador isn’t known but the impact was strong enough to damage the Lambo’s front quarter panel, bend its expensive wheel and apparently, break the front axle.

Thankfully for the Aventador owner, they won’t have to pay for the repairs with the damage bill being paid for by the insurance of the C-Class driver.

Despite that, the Aventador owner expressed his anger at the incident to Stuff saying “I’ll miss it for two months” due to the difficulty of sourcing replacement parts.