Pagani Huayra La Monza Lisa Crashed In Miami

While Pagani unveiled the new Huayra BC, a special version of the “regular” version of the supercar was involved in an accident.

The model, known as the Pagani Huayra La Monza Lisa, was built especially for Kris Singh, an American businessman and avid car collector, who is worth approximately $200million.

Singh was driving his supercar on Collins Avenue, in Miami Beach, “when someone pulled out from a side street and hit the rear passenger side“. The owner claims not to have broken the speed limited and praises the Huayra, which “is built unbelievably strong“, as he “didn’t feel a thing“.

I do not drink alcohol, I do not do any drugs or take any prescription medication and this was in no way my fault“, added the driver, who was “thankful that no one got hurt“, despite the other vehicle is in a more severe condition than the Huayra.

Speaking of which, the “La Monza Lisa” has a missing wheel and a scratched rear carbon fiber quarter panel, but its owner claims that damages appear to be cosmetic only and states that the supercar will be back on the road, in its former state, in no time.

Via @Lamborghiniks and @Swiss_cars