Real Life GTA With Truck Driver On Drugs

With an intoxicated brain after using psychotropic drugs, a truck driver went on a rampage in a city in Chile.

His “adventure” was captured on traffic monitoring cams and it started with him apparently trying to run away from something or someone, but nothing made sense anymore when his maneuvers took him back from where he came from.

Taking a closer look at the footage reveals that nobody was in pursue and it was just the illegal substance, which probably transported him into a different world, one where people’s lives can be put at stake and personal possession means nothing.

The man’s “joy ride” ended when his truck got stuck under a bridge, but he couldn’t just give up and the next step was for him to try and get new wheels. After several failed attempts, during which drivers and passengers who witnessed some of the incident locked their doors terrified, bystanders immobilized and retained him, until the police arrived.