RevoZport Tweaks The Mercedes AMG GT

The AMG GT seems to be an appealing package for tuners, as its (somewhat) tamed design can become outrageous in the blink of an eye if a competent aftermarket company leaves its print on it.

RevoZport shows that Merc’s grand tourer doesn’t necessarily need eye-gouging visual-enhancements to sand out from the crowd. Nevertheless, to stay in tune with the model’s original concept, RevoZport developed special aero kit enhancements for the mid-front-engined, aluminum lightweight Mercedes GT and GTS.

The parts were designed with CAD and simulated by CFD, as the tuner’s offering is inspired by the SLS Black Series. The package was said to have been conceived to increase road and (possibly) track performance, featuring aggressive front splitters and canards in the front, and a duckbill trunk lip spoiler or a fixed GT wing for extra down-force at the rear.

To make the vehicle’s brand new add-ons more resistant, carbon Kevlar was used on some of the parts more impervious to scratches. Other than that, the rest of the components were modeled from carbon-fiber, including the side skirts, the rear diffuser, the rear spoilers, and even the canards.

Apparently, RevoZport chose to concentrate its expertise on the car’s visual elements only, which means that the AMG GT develops (depending on what version we’re talking about) at least 460 Hp and 600 Nm (440 lb·ft) of torque. But is there a need to improve on a car that can manage a 0 to 100 km/h acceleration of 4 seconds and a top speed of 325 km/h?