Is This The Ultimate Private Track Day, Or What?

We’ve seen a lot of exclusive track days, but this particular event takes the crown, and every other decoration for that matter.

Set in Bahrain, the gathering unites the most exotic and varied automobiles, giving private (and very rich) individuals the opportunity to compare their personal cars and experiences on the circuit against each other.

From the ultra-elite P1 GTR, to Formula 1 single-seaters and to the BMW Z3 M Coupe, the vehicles are so assorted that the end result looks like a random generated race in Forza Motorsport – even though there are a lot of 458 Italias and Speciales. There’s no shadow of doubt that anyone who’s into a mix of car cultures (especially supercars, high-end exotics and JDM-inspired sports cars) will enjoy every second of this wonderful video.

As described by the presenter, the event is “an attack on the senses”, and to fully stress his argument the man can be seen taking a ride-along every now and then in a few of the cars.

After watching the video, we sat down and tried to (hypothetically) decide which car we would bring back home. Unfortunately, we didn’t come up it a straightforward answer. So, the obvious question is which one would you choose?