Seat Aran SUV Surfaces The Internet Ahead Of Geneva Show Debut

Seat’s upcoming SUV accidentally leaked on the internet via what’s believed to be the vehicle’s infotainment display.

It’s no secret that the Iberian car manufacturer is planning its debut on the SUV market with (at least) one model, but it appears that Seat’s surprise was cut short. In an image posted by The Automobilist, the SUV – reportedly called the Aran – can be seen in its full glory, prior to its scheduled debut on February 10th and official unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show.

The automobile appears to borrow design cues from the Leon, blending the hatchback’s looks with high-riding, well-defined SUV-esque proportions. Although it’s still reminiscent of last year’s 20v20 concept, many elements were adapted for production, losing its sloped roof and dynamic aspect in the process.

Built on the MQB modular platform, the Aran will allegedly be more compact than its competitors, at 4,363 mm(171.7 inches) long, 1,841 mm (72.4 inches) wide and 1,600 mm (63 inches) tall.

The SUV will be powered by TSI and TDI engines (petrol and diesel), mated to a six-speed-manual gearbox or DSG, and will apparently be available in both front-wheel-drive (as standard) and all-wheel-drive variants.