This Ferrari FXX Is A Grass Eater

A Ferrari FXX with a damaged body and grass “stuck between its teeth” was captured on film recently, at the famous Monza racetrack in Italy.

The car has sustained significant bruising on its front fascia and rear bumper after its driver reportedly lost control of the wheel and hit the side barriers during a fast lap. No one was injured in the accident, but many hearts were probably broken as the track-only beast was loaded onto a flat bed, hidden under military camouflage and taken away.

With a mere 30 units leaving Maranello, it’s no wonder that whenever one of them pops up on the “used car market”, its price skyrockets. The Enzo-based machine uses carbon fiber and Nomex honeycomb with front and rear aluminum structures, independent front and rear suspension and carbon ceramic disc brakes.

On the few occasions when Ferrari allows customers to drive the car on special track days, drivers get to enjoy the 800PS (789hp) and 686Nm (506lb-ft) of torque punched by the 6.3-liter V12 and sent to the rear wheels through an electro-hydraulic 6-speed transmission, at speeds all the way up to 345km/h (214mph).