Someone Converted A Jaguar XJ Into A Pick-up And Is Now Selling It For $8,999

Ever wanted to combine your passion for pick-ups / ute with the style and panache of a British limousine? Well, then here’s your answer.

This 1989 Jaguar started life as a regular XJ40 luxury sedan, but someone, at one point, decided to give it an El Camino rear end. Now, the El Camino wasn’t the most high-class thing that roamed the Earth, and don’t expect this monster Jag to be either.

The seller says this unfortunate styling exercise is probably the only one in the world – a very believable statement, considering the fact that it takes a special mindset to mate these two, entirely different automobiles into a “one-of-a-kind” creation.

Moreover, the ad on Craigslist goes on saying that the car belongs to an eccentric 81-year old family friend, and is part of a unique collection of cars. The amazing thing is that it only has 16,000 original miles, runs great, looks…decent, and comes equipped with a one of Jag’s six-cylinder engine.

It even has a tonneau cover for the El Camino-style bed, which instantly transforms it from yobbo to high class (not really), wood interior trim, serving trays, and power everything.

The elderly gentleman is selling this unique machine – along with other pieces from his collection – due to some health issues. So, if you want to own a Jaguar with no taillights, an El Camino derriere, and help a 81-year old man through a tough time, then you should know this XJ40 is priced at $8,999.

H/T to Jalopnik!