Tesla Quietly Increases Prepaid Servicing Costs

In an unexpected move in the lead-up to the launch of the entry-level Model 3, Tesla has bumped up the prices for its extensive after-sales service program.

The electric automaker recommends that Model S and Model X owners have their vehicles serviced every 12,500 miles or every year. Owners could pre-purchase four years of servicing for $1,900, or 8 years worth for $3,800.

Now, though, the 4 year service option costs $2,100 and the 8 year one has been upped to $4,000. Alongside the price hikes, the annual services no longer include free wheel alignment.

Beyond these increases in price, Tesla originally revealed that it would no longer allow new Tesla owners to transfer their warranty and service plans when selling their car. However, the firm soon revealed to The Verge that this was a mistake posted on its website and that owners can sell their warranty and service plans to new buyers privately.

In a statement, Tesla explained: “Tesla owners can indeed transfer the unused portion of their Extended Service Agreement with the sale of their Tesla. Our practice of refunding the unused portion of the Extended Service Agreement also continues.”