True Story; The World’s Ugliest BMW X6 Will Cost You $100,000

Yes, you read that right; you actually have to pay, instead of…being paid $100,000, to drive around in AG Excalibur’s comic book-esque interpretation of BMW’s X6 named the AG Alligator.

AG Excalibur is a Lithuanian tuner with, well, let’s just say a bit of an acquired taste when it comes to styling, as some of you may remember from their AG Shark – an E63 BMW 6-Series coupe that looks like it had multiple plastic surgeries gone painfully wrong.

The BMW X6 AG Alligator looks just as weird as it sounds, with the tuner giving it an extreme makeover that adds 200mm (nearly 8 inches) of length up front with that Darth Vader-style mouthpiece, along with 100mm (3.9 inches) of extra width on the front axle and 150mm (5.9 inches) on the rear. And don’t even get us started about those truly massive wheels, that measure 26 (!) inches in diameter…

If you look inside, you’ll have an answer on how it got its name, as AG Excalibur used “Italian alligator embossed leather” on the dashboard, center console, steering wheel and the upper sections of the door panels. They re-did the entire center console too, which is now heavily slanted, while those new round vents appear to have been sourced from Mercedes.

If you really, really want to stand out at your next visit at Bimmerfest, you can buy the car over at Autoplius in Lithuania for  €90,000 or about $100,000.

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