Get Close and Personal To Tesla’s Model X SUV

Tesla’s new Model X is so different from automotive offerings on sale today that it manages to surprise us with every review, as there’s always something interesting about it waiting to be discovered.

Sure, we already know that the P90D “Signature Series” can be commissioned with the ‘Ludicrous Speed Package’, which (in spite of its size) it helps the behemoth reach 60mph from standstill in roughly 3.8 seconds, while recording 11.7 second passes through the quarter mile; but an in depth analysis of the vehicle’s design, interior, performance and overall traits could reveal loads of other “new secrets”, as there’s always something unique about it.

When it comes to the cabin, the experience seems to be unlike anything else on the market – as this  reviewer, ‘Saabkyle04’, puts it – mainly because it features a plethora of quirky but interesting things that make it unique. Like the Model S, this one sports the same 17-inch portrait oriented touchscreen on the dashboard as well.

The model includes Autopilot as standard, black Nappa leather and Alcantara throughout the interior, “Ultra High Fidelity Sound Package”, air suspension, seven seats and 20-inch wheels.