Upcoming Porsche 718 Cayman To Look Like This?

Now that Porsche has pulled the covers off the 718 Boxster, it won’t be long before we see its hard-top sibling.

It’s not that hard to imagine how the 718 Cayman will look like, and Remco M’s rendering looks pretty close to Stuttgart’s revamped sports coupe.

In this case, the taillights were carried over from the roadster, with the “Porsche” lettering in between, the rear bumper maintains its design and so does the double-tailpipe exhaust system, incorporated into the new diffuser. We expect the front fascia to be all but identical to the roadster, and the same stands for the interior.

Porsche is still keeping the unveil date of the “new” 718 Cayman under wraps, but there is a chance that it might bring it at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, alongside the updated Boxster.