Wald Shows Off Mercedes-AMG GT Black Bison Edition In Fresh Pics

After teasing us with a modified Mercedes-Benz AMG-GT back in November, Wald International unveiled their Black Bison Edition version at the 2015 Tokyo Auto Salon.

Right off the bat, the car’s aggressiveness factor has increased two-fold with a new bumper, side skirts, more prominent splitter and matte black & orange accents. At the rear, the “Black Bison” features a fixed wing as well as reshaped dual exhaust tips to go with the new diffuser.

Looks aside, we’ve yet to hear if they did anything to the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 unit, though if not, you still end up with a car that will hit 100 km/h (62 mph) in 4 seconds or less, depending on which version you purchase.

When it comes to the AMG GT, Wald have stated that to them, the aggressive face line of the car looks like a “Bison which has held up through some desperate struggle,” and no, we’re not making that up.

While it’s hard to mirror those impressions, we can recognize the fact that bison don’t really have a lot of natural predators due to their imposing dimensions. However, can the same really be said about this car?