Would You Like To See A Volvo V90 Cross Country Model?

If Volvo is planning on replacing the aging XC70 any time soon, then they’ll probably build something called the V90 Cross Country, as ‘XC90’ is (obviously) off the table.

While we can’t say that this rendering looks bad in any way, it doesn’t jump out as a Cross Country model as much as we’d like. First off, the ground clearance doesn’t look as…sufficient as it does with the XC70, nor can we see any of those rugged off-road design elements integrated into the spoilers.

Not even a set of chunky roof rails to make us feel like this would be a legitimate XC70 replacement, but all that aside, fans of ultra-capable Volvo Estates would probably welcome a more defiant V90 version.

One way for Volvo to keep the XC moniker alive when it comes to their biggest Estate would be to name it the XC80, though there’s no reason to assume they’d go back to that philosophy seen as how Volvo exec Lex Kerssemakers was once quoted as saying that “XC models have a distinct crossover character with unique body-styles including an elevated seating position, while the Cross Country models are expressive all-road versions of our dynamic wagons and hatchbacks.”

Rendering courtesy of Theophilus Chin