You Can Buy A 2003 McLaren Formula One Car On eBay!

Track day toys come in all shapes and sizes but generally, they utilize small forced-induction engines and offer supercar levels of performance for a ‘bargain price’.

But what if the current flock of KTMs, BAC Monos and Ariel Atoms doesn’t tickle your fancy? Well this 2003 McLaren Formula One car from eBay could be perfect.

Currently located in Brazil, this genuine F1 car is chassis number MP4-15 SSC/96 and was apparently raced by Kimi Raikkonen throughout the 2003 season, ultimately helping The Iceman to finish second in the driver’s championship, just two points behind Michael Schumacher.

Curiously however, the McLaren MP4-15 wasn’t used in the 2003 season and was actually raced throughout 2000, raising some questions about the authenticity of the listing. If it is an MP4-15 as the chassis stamp says, it wasn’t driven by Raikkonen at all and instead piloted by either Mika Hakkinen or David Coulthard.

In either case, it used a screaming V10 engine in its heyday but unfortunately, is being sold without an engine.

If a willing buyer is dedicated enough however, it could be retrofitted with a custom engine and turned into the ultimate track toy, all for at least $270,000.