Aston Martin DB11 Is A Hit, Here’s What Will Follow

The DB11 was revealed a few days ago and already it is off to a great start.

More than 1,400 customers have placed orders, 500 having expressed their interest in the GT from preview events, another 500 deciding to buy one after seeing the leaked images prior to DB11’s presentation in Geneva and the rest signing the papers after seeing the car at the show.

The new GT is the first step in replacing Aston’s current range. The second will, according to Autocar, be the new Vantage. It will debut late next year and it should introduce Mercedes V8 engines to Aston’s lineup.

Following it shortly will be the new Vanquish, but it is yet to be decided whether this will be “a performance GT or a full-blown supercar”. Underpinning the upcoming Vantage and Vanquish will be Aston’s new aluminum architecture.

What we need is the perceptions to go away of old technology, old platforms, and the question of whether we can survive as an independent manufacturer“, commented CEO Andy Palmer.

The DBX crossover has been green lit and will be built in Wales. It will ride on a different aluminum platform, developed by the British manufacturer, and is expected to launch by the end of the decade, along with the Lagonda luxury saloon.


  • Tumbi Mtika


  • Kash

    I always thought the Vanquish was kind of an awkward car in the lineup. I’d position it to go against things like the S63, M6, Continental V8, etc. while leaving the DB11 to focus on things like the S65, Wraith, and W12 Conti, etc. That or I’d turn the Vanquish into a 2+2 version of the Vantage, but I’d still drop the V12 from the Vantage/Vanquish and leave the V12’s for the DB11 and Rapide. I’d also offer a V8 option of the Rapide.

    P.s. I wouldn’t really consider Aston to be independent beyond ownership. Afterall they’re borrowing V8’s and tons of tech from Mercedes and it’s very evident in the new DB11. Not a bad thing, but I wouldn’t be able to call my company independent if I was in Palmer’s shoes.

    • Matt

      They’re still an independent automaker. Borrowing technology doesn’t change that at all, so Palmer is correct.

      • Kash

        That’s your opinion. All i said was that i wouldn’t be able to call myself independent if I was in Palmer’s shoes because to me borrowing all that tech on top of the engines isn’t all that independent. It’s like a college student whose parents are paying their rent for them. They’re living outside their parent’s house and paying for groceries, utilities, and everything else, but their parents are still footing the bill for their housing.

        • Rick Alexander

          Great point, except Mercedes isn’t footing the bill for anything!

          • Kash

            I never said they were getting the stuff for free. I was mostly talking about the fact they couldn’t even be bothered (most likely couldn’t afford to) develop their own tech and engines.

          • Rick Alexander

            I hear you Kash. Just a touch of sarcasm there in case you missed it. Seriously though, using Mercedes parts bin is a welcome step up, from the Ford and Volvo parts bin they were using in previous cars. I agree with you, in that a car that’s North of $200,000 should definitely have bespoke switch gear. With that said, I still like the new interior.

          • Kash

            I like the interior to. that’s not the problem I was having. My original comment was just mostly about personal things and how I wouldn’t be able to say what they said if i was in the same shoes. I love the new DB11 and I can’t wait to see the next gen Rapide.

          • Rick Alexander

            Word 🙂

  • InSynergy

    I love the design, but that grille pattern treatment needs to go away.

  • I hope the Rapide will soldier on as well..

  • Ertahaz Hossain

    Next gen Vanquish should be a fully blown supercar to battle the F12.

  • Kagiso Mutlaneng

    No word on the Rapide? 🙁

  • Wasn’t sure at first… But this design is growing on me each time I sea it. Only the Mercedes touch bad doesn’t win my heart.

    • NG212

      It’s much better than the tech and parts in last generation Astons, which were sourced from Volvo and Ford. This is a definite upgrade.

  • NG212

    I desperately want to see the next-gen Vantage. It’s always been a great beauty. Now I want it to be competitive against rivals.

  • supermanuel

    The difference between the DB11 and the next Vanquish needs to be increased considerably. The jump between the Vantage and the DB11 needs to be greater too. The Vanquish should absolutely be pushed up into supercar territory and the Vantage range could be broader, starting with more accessible versions that compete better with the vast number of 911 versions available.

  • Dennis James

    I’m still not completely sure if I like the DB11 or not. Right now I still like the DB9 more.

  • MultiKdizzle

    I love it all except for the headlights, which seem oddly misshapen instead of sleek.

    Maybe the pictures don’t do it justice.

  • Nordschleife

    I may be in the minority but I would love if the Vantage looked more like the DB10. I was just watching Spectre car chase scene and I really liked how the DB10 looked in those proportions, especially the rear end. I loved the rear end. Even more so than the one on the DB11.

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