Mercedes-Maybach To Add SUV, E-Class Variant Dismissed

Mercedes-Maybach plans to expand its lineup, which currently includes two ultra-luxurious S-Class versions only, with an SUV.

At least that’s what CarAdvice reports. It’s not known yet which model will be used, but the GLS is the most likely choice.

However, it’s not certain yet whether the current version will gain the Maybach treatment or if the three-pointed star will wait for the next generation to hit the market, probably around 2019, to place it against the likes of the Bentley Bentayga.

Speaking with the Australian publication, Mercedes boss Ola Kallenius, said: “GLS is the S-Class of the SUVs, so I wouldn’t rule that out. GLS, based upon the GLS could be a candidate – not the decision made at this time – but that could be a candidate.”

Having cleared the Maybach SUV issue, Kallenius went on to dismiss a similar version of the new generation E-Class: “An E-Class Maybach, for instance, is not something that we have on the cards – it will, if and when we do more, will stay at the very top end of the range.”

The German official’s statement comes right after an alleged Maybach version of the 2017 E-Class was scooped out in the open. If the fresh info turns out to be accurate, then what we have been looking at could very well have been a long wheelbase variant of the executive sedan, aimed towards some select markets, such as China, where it’s common for manufacturers to offer stretched versions of their cars.

Note: Mercedes-Benz GLS pictured


  • Kash

    I’d figure they’d either use the GLS or G-wagon for a Maybach based SUV. I’m wondering if they’ll use a V8, V12, or do two variants of the SUV to go along with the S-Maybach. I think if they really wanna market the GLS as “the S-class of SUV’s” then they should do a GLS600 or GLS65 along with the GLS-Maybach.