Mystery Minivan Spied In San Francisco; What Is It?

Occasionally, Carscoops readers turn up prototypes that even we aren’t sure what they are, like this identical pair of heavily disguised minivan testers spotted over the weekend in California.

“I was at San Francisco and saw two Toyota Voxy(?) prototypes driving in front of my car, about to enter Lombard street,” writes Jay.

While Jay is right to suspect that the two minivans could be from a Japanese carmaker seeing that they were both right-hand drive, we can’t say for sure if they’re related to the current JDM Toyota Voxy, as they differ significantly from the model sold in Japan, sporting a completely different profile window line and front end.

What’s more baffling is that they also differ from other existing medium and large minivans from the Land of the Rising Sun, such as the Nissan Serena (this one probably comes the closest), Honda Stepwgn and Mitsubishi Delica, of which we’ve attached pictures below for your reference.

Perhaps the minivan model is not from a Japanese brand – it could be from a Korean or Chinese automaker, for example.

So, how about you test your car-spotting skills and let us know what you think the mystery van is in the comments below?

The other obvious question is what were these testers doing here in the States, where the market for minivans has been on the decline for years.

Thanks to Jay for the scoop!

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