NSX Type R May Actually Happen; Standard Model Features Secret RWD Mode

Good news for Honda fans and petrolheads, as it turns out that we are in to see a Type R version of the Japanese supercar.

Nick Robinson, Dynamic Development Leader of the NSX project told Autocar that despite that the NSX Type R project is not officially on, there is a huge will within Honda to make it a reality.

The transition from a regular NSX into a full-blooded NSX Type R could mean that Honda might ditch the front electric motors in pursuit of lightness, as the standard model now tips the scales at 1725kg.

NSX’s hybrid powertrain weighs 150kg (330 lbs) all in but not all of it can go away as the rear electric motor acts also as an alternator, starter motor and flywheel. Still though, taking away most of the electric components would make a sizeable difference.

Honda could opt for lightweight materials in order to further reduce the weight. “There are places weight could be cut out,” says Robinson. “We are Honda so cost is a consideration, but for a limited edition? Why not?”

Honda has benchmarked the new NSX against a Porsche 911 Turbo, a Ferrari 458 Italia and the Audi R8 V10. A Porsche 991 GT3 was also benchmarked, but just for the steering feel as the normal NSX is not that track-focused.

Robinson also said that there is a maintenance mode buried deep inside the menus of the standard car in which the ABS and all three electric motors are disabled. He also said that the handling and steering are a bit odd in this mode, as the latter is developed to work in conjunction with the front electric motors, admitting though that the car becomes a ‘drift machine’.

Additionally, the NSX’s Dynamic Development Leader admitted that Honda has worked on active aerodynamics for the NSX, despite the fact that the standard car doesn’t feature them which should mean that a future Type R version could use them.