Renault Continues To Offer Free Fast Home Charger With Every Electric ZOE

Following the recent changes in the UK’s Plug-In Car Grant, Renault announced that they will continue to offer a free, fully-installed fast charger to ZOE customers.

The fast charger is a 7Kw Homecharge wallbox unit and represents a customer saving of £500, representing a unique offer in UK’s electric car market.

Renault’s compact EV is offered in a five-door configuration only and is one of the most affordable ways to get yourself into the world of silent, electric motoring.

With the 7kW charger, the ZOE can be charged from flat to full in three to four hours while owners can use the My ZE [email protected] timer app to schedule the time that their car is charged and benefit from lower off-peak electricity prices.

“By continuing to provide a home-charging unit installed at the customer’s address, we’re able to ensure that these points are even stronger for the ZOE than the competition, with customers able to fully charge in just 3-4 hours at home as standard,” said Ben Fletcher, Electric Vehicle Product Manager, Renault UK.

The model’s official NEDC range is up to 149 miles but Renault says that in real-world driving the ZOE is closer to 106 miles during the summer and 71 miles during the winter.

The company offers two ways to purchase the ZOE. The first one is under a battery hire scheme, where ZOE starts at £13,495 after the UK government’s incentives and with the battery leasing from £45 a month. This way gives you a lifetime performance guarantee for the battery pack and 24/7 roadside assistance, even if you run out of charge.

The second one is the traditional way, which means buying the car outright, giving you full ownership of the car and the battery, with prices starting at £18,945.