Porsche’s 911 R Is An Absolute Beast, But Is It Faster Than A Satellite?

The new 911 R isn’t exactly a wolf in sheep’s clothing with those red stripes, but it’s a bit more discreet than other range-topping 911 models.

Carrying the same “R” badge first applied to a 911 aimed at rallying half a century ago, the latest   member of the sports car’s family is built on the 991.1 series instead of the facelifted 2017 991.2. It brings magnesium for the roof, crafted from a single sheet, along with carbon fiber for the front fenders, luggage-compartment lid and seat backrests.

The forged-aluminum wheels, 20-inch in size, with racing-inspired center-lock retention, give it a racing flare and so does the titanium-made exhaust system.

Staying as pure as possible, the 911 R doesn’t have air conditioning, audio system or even rear seats, but Porsche knows that enthusiasts need to “chill” during warm summer days and offers the air-con as an option, along with a sound system.

Porsche’s instant collectible has carbon ceramic brakes, rear-axle steering and a limited-slip differential on all 991 examples that will be manufactured worldwide. It promises 500 PS (493 HP) and 460 Nm (339 lb-ft) from the flat-six naturally-aspirated 4.0-liter powertrain, enough to allow the machine to race even a satellite… or at least this is what the automaker says in their latest promo.