Saudi Suicide Bomber Taxi Prank Is Beyond Distasteful

A Saudi production company’s video prank of a taxi driver pretending to be a suicide bomber scaring the wits out of passengers, including two young boys, has sparked plenty of anger, and rightfully so.

Purportedly filmed for a local television show, the candid camera pranksters had a bearded actor pose as a cabbie picking up unsuspecting commuters.

During the ride, the driver would lift his shirt revealing what looked like a suicide bomb vest before “telling them that they should not resist and should look forward to going with him to Heaven”, according to Gulf News, with cameras recording their reactions.

The cabbie picked up two teenagers on separate occasions, with the first boy breaking down in tears and the other one, opening the door and jumping out of the rolling car. He then took two adults, who were more proactive subduing the driver and bringing the taxi to a stop, before attempting to call the cops.

The Alalam news site reported that the producers of the video claim the candid camera stunt was made to promote awareness “about the dangers of extremist ideas”, but we sincerely doubt anyone sees it that way and unless the passengers were into it, the fact that a boy jumped out of a moving car, should alert authorities.


  • Carlos Gamarra

    Who the hell does a prank like this?!

    • Shobin Drogan

      People who want to be shot in the face

    • Christian

      Jackass did…

    • Althea Later

      Same idiots who pretend to be attacking someone with a chainsaw. And then there are the mental midget commenters online who will try to justify pranks things like this because THEY think it’s funny, everyone else should too and if they don’t think it’s funny, they are “butthurt”

    • Jay

      Distasteful yes. But It’s attempting to show the world that not all Muslims or even people that speak Arabic are terrorists. A lot of people think the whole religion is terrorist and the mainstream media doesn’t do anything to help.. Fact is anyone can be a terrorist.

  • thunder bolt

    If I understand Arab, I would probably have a greater laugh.

    • Jay

      Arabic. Since Arabs aren’t folks who speak the language…

  • Craig

    These so-called ‘pranksters’ are nothing but sadists.

  • surfshop

    Pranksters are stupid

    • thunder bolt

      and people whose fooled by them are even dumber.

  • Dan

    If it’s made by a television show, it is most likely to be fake and all the protagonists are actors (or wannabe actors).

  • This is so wrong on so many levels. But the only problem is, why is it shared here? Because it’s in a car? I love this website that is always a good way to let my mind steer away. It seems You agree it’s not funny but why post it here?

  • Andrewthecarguy