The 396HP Mercedes-AMG E43 Is Probably All You Really Need

With Mercedes-AMG keen on spreading the wealth when it comes to under 5-second family cars, the latest addition to their family naturally stood at attention in New York.

Even though US customers are still about a year away from being able to drive home in the new E43, as it won’t reach showrooms before early 2017, the promise of 396 HP (401 PS) and 384 lb-ft (520 Nm) of torque does have a very nice ring to it. And since the E-Class is Mercedes‘ golden car at the moment thanks to its wide range of tech features such as the autonomous functions, short of buying the yet hidden E63 version, this is pretty much the best you can do.

One thing we’re able to take a better look at thanks to Mercedes bringing the E43 to New York are the daytime running lights which didn’t stand out as much in the original press images – mainly due to bright lighting conditions.

The shape isn’t any different than what we’ve seen in other new E-Class models, but add the E43’s more aggressive stance and you’ll come away with a more imposing super saloon.

Other than that, the “show car” had the same 19″ alloys we knew from the press images, so as far as we can tell, it’s the same car. Even the interior is identical – it has the same red contrast stitching.

All in all, the new Mercedes-AMG E43 is very powerful mid-size luxury saloon, with the ability to get from 0 to 60 mph (96 km/h) in just 4.5 seconds. It should definitely “do” until its more powerful sibling steps in.


  • xDRAN0x

    Yes indeed but I can’t afford it, let a lone a C43 with its lilliputian booth

  • Grumpy

    This and the AMG GLC43 are my favorites so far.

  • Kash

    Still waiting, or at least hopeful, for a wagon version…

    • europeon

      T-modell’s engine lineup always mirrored the sedan’s. Question is, why are you waiting? Are you in the market for one, or it’s one of those American things because they don’t sell it over there?

      You know, in Europe, we don’t really see wagons as be-all and end-all, they’re even a bit undesirable.

      • Kash

        I’m hopeful for the E-class wagon in general. I wanna see it and I’m looking at getting the V90 Twin engine anyway and if they sell something like the E43 wagon here in the states I’d cross shop it with the V90 tbh. We have the current E350 and E63 S wagon here but I don’t care for the look of it. I like the new C wagon though and with the current styling the E is just gonna be a bigger C and Merc will probably sell the E wagon here again.

    • Merc1

      There will be a E43 and E63 wagon of course. Not sure if they both will be sold in the U.S, but the E63 Wagon will be.


  • TheHake


  • Javokhir_Sam

    People might got used to the single unit headlights, but somehow I still cannot fathom of E-class without dual unit ones. Which makes the car not really distinctive among C/E/S

  • Javokhir_Sam

    Mercedes, can you please make a slightly dished back wheels AT LEAST in your AMG models? Dickinson has said: “Wheels make a car desirable”

  • Kagan Oztrak

    nice car, I wonder how it will compare against the 445hp BMW 550i.

  • George T.

    This is not a true AMG car. Renaming a C450 to C43 diminished what AMG stands for.

    • geoquip

      ‘E’ and an AMG is what MB and AMG says is an AMG ok…things change all the time,go tell all those Rolls Royce or Bentley owners that their cars aren’t Bentleys and Rolls Royces.

  • oghowie

    There is a C Class interior pic in there.

  • exeptor

    In therms of style this one is much closer to the AMGs from 90′ and early 2000′. Clean and elegant with just the right bit of muscularity and distinctiveness than the “ordinary” Mercs. Current E63 is too much for my taste (although in technical aspect it is an absolute monster … and I love it :)).