It’s Official: 2017 Tesla Model S Facelift

Tesla has given the Model S its first makeover since the electric luxury sedan was introduced back in 2012.

Casual viewers will notice the cleaner fascia that gets rid of the large, fake plastic grille replacing it with a slim decorative insert surrounding the Tesla logo and the re-profiled bumper with a slightly enlarged lower vent, while fans of the series will point to the tweaked headlamps that now feature full LED adaptive units with “14 three-position LED dynamic turning lights” as well.

These minor revisions bring the 2017 Model S’ exterior more in line with the Model X, as well as the upcoming Model 3 that was previewed in pre-production trim earlier last month.

Inside, the 2017 Model S gets two new trim accents, Figured Ash Wood Décor and Dark Ash Wood Décor, while also nabbing the Model X’s “medical grade” HEPA air-filtration system, which according to Tesla, “removes at least 99.97% of particulate exhaust pollution and effectively all allergens, bacteria and other contaminants from cabin air”. The air filtration system is included in a $3,000 optional premium upgrade package that also adds leather seats,  three-position LED turning and fog lights, and a power liftgate.

Finally, Tesla has uprated the base charger that now pulls 48 amps, up from 40, with a 72 amp on-board charger being offered as a $1,500 option.

Prices for Model S start from $71,500 for the 70D with rear-wheel drive and a 70kWh battery offering a range of 234 miles (376 km) and a 0-to-60mph (96km/h) time of 5.5 seconds.

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  • The Saleen Tesla looks a bit better.

    • Six_Tymes

      yes that does.

  • Shobin Drogan

    Ive heard some saying the new model 3 looks weird but I’m quite glad they did the same thing by getting rid of the pointless fake black plastic at the front. It looks a lot more functional now if you ask me.



  • B-O-R-I-N-G

    Wow, a whole lotta hoopla for nothing. Tesla is now caught in its own funk.

    • Six Thousand Times

      It’s only a facelift – I don’t think there was that much hoopla. Maybe for that Model 3, yes but this kind of crept up on us a little.

  • Ara Rezaee

    Not at all interested in that! maybe if it was $30k cheaper…

    • S3XY

      Its the greatest car ever made but okay rofl

      • TheHake

        For you maybe. I’m not paying €120k for a big Scalextric car!

  • Six Thousand Times

    Looks better without the fake grille.

    • S3XY

      A nosecone isnt a grill.

      Do spaceships have grills? No, they have nosecones. Model S is a spaceship.

      • Six Thousand Times

        Grill? Do you know the difference between a grille and a grill? I even spelled it for you in the post to which you’re responding.

        How far into space do you think you could get in a Model S? Before you try it, you might call SpaceX before you call Tesla.

      • TheHake

        For people who say there’s no need for a grille, why then do they make the headlights so much bigger than what is required for LED projectors? The headlights are made bigger so it LOOKS BETTER. Making a car without a grille just looks CRAP.

        • Rick Alexander

          There are numerous cars that are void of a grille, and are still beautiful creations to behold. Your point is based on opinion and therefore invalid. The size of the headlights being bigger which equals better, is also ludicrous. Porsche 918, McClaren P1, Chevrolet Corvette, even the Ferrari 458, are cars that do not have traditional grilles. Yet all are amazing looking cars (IMO). You may or may not have heard of a Ronn Scorpion, however, it is yet another hot looking car which doesn’t wear a traditional grille. Just because YOU think a car without a grille, looks like crap, doesn’t make it true!


      • Six_Tymes

        A spaceship or spacecraft is a vehicle, or machine designed to fly in outer space.

        The model S does not travel into outer space.

  • Bo Hanan

    Taking the bar-of-soap look to a new level. I bet there are only 3 people in the design department who all work part-time.

  • Evo45

    Not sure if we need that shaved front design, it looks ridiculous.

  • Mynameis Taylor

    a little change sometimes goes a long way.

  • Kash

    While those rear seats still look like police cruiser seats and super uncomfortable, the new grille looks better on this than the Model 3 or X but i’m still not loving the design of the grille/face/whatever.

    • TheHake

      Luckily, I’ve never been in the back of a Police cruiser…

  • MultiKdizzle

    Youxia X did it better.

  • fabri99

    It definitely looks fresher without the grille, but the front looks empty now. What the point of keeping a space for the grille if then there’s no grille? It looks like a bad photoshop.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    This looks so sexy!


  • Ermal Morina

    it looks so much better imo,even tho the changes are minor.I didn’t like at all that fake plastic thing upfront,now it looks so good to my eyes.That’s more like it

  • MarketAndChurch

    It looks nice. The Saleen Model S looks better.

  • S3XY

    LED Headlights are the only thing I care about.

    Not much else you can do to improve the greatest car ever made. It’s good as is and continuing to get better. Still like the nosecone over empty nose.

    • Matt

      How much fun do you have up-voting your own trolling comments?

  • thunder bolt

    I feel like I wanna draw something on that front end, but I don’t know if dictator Musk will cancel my order of purchase.

  • TheHake


  • Vassilis

    Hm, I think I liked the previous fascia more. Still a great-looking car though.

  • Haggy

    That’s completely wrong. Tesla has already confirmed that the changes are effective immediately and are for the 2016 cars. Those who have cars on order have been contacted and have been told that they are getting the new version.

  • valakos

    love it!!

  • Smith

    Looks familiar, Oh yes it looks the same as the X and the # and the S and the every Tesla.

  • Smith

    None of this really matters. They will not produce the 250,000 they promised for 2017 and they will never reach the 500,000 per year starting next year, never. But it doesn’t matter, Wall Street will still hand over another $2 billion for a semi truck, then they need $2 billion for replacement models for the S and X as those are getting long in the tooth, and now they need $10 billion for a flight to Mars, having abandoned their previous plans for Space-X, and $5 billion for another 2 or 3 Giga Factories that are planned in the near future. Oh, and don’t forget the new vehicle production facilities in Europe and China, at a cost of $2 to $3 billion, expensive because they are using traditional old manufacturing processes that are extremely costly and energy intensive. Did someone say Ponzi. Go Elon Go

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