Koenigsegg’s Camless Engine Finds The Qoros Qamfree Concept A Suitable Host

During the Beijing Auto Show, Koenigsegg’s sister company, FreeValve, announced its partnership with Qoros Auto for the continued development of FreeValve’s Pneumatic-Hydraulic-Electric-Actuator (PHEA) technology for consumer vehicle applications.

Koenigsegg has been working on an engine without a camshaft for quite some time now, and a concept utilizing the idea has finally been unveiled at Beijing, in the form of the Qoros ‘Qamfree’.

FreeValve’s PHEA technology replaces the standard camshaft, allowing far greater control over the engine’s intake and exhaust valves.

“We believe that one day in the very near future, the arrival of FreeValve PHEA technology will represent as big a transition, or bigger, than the move from carburetors to direct injection,” said Christian von Koenigsegg.

The camless engine works by pneumatically opening valve actuators and then closing them by either springs or air pressure. This system lets each valve to be easily controlled and manipulated individually throughout the whole combustion cycle, delivering smaller, lighter, more powerful and precise powertrains, as Koenigsegg casually explains:

“Could you imagine playing a piano with a both hands tied to the opposite ends of a broomstick? The ‘music’ produced would be quite unpleasant. Think of that piano as a car’s engine and the broomstick as a traditional camshaft. The arrival of FreeValve is like setting aside the broomstick and mastering the instrument by playing with individual fingers.”

It looks like the Swedish company inches closer to a production unit, and we have a hunch that things will move faster from now won thanks to Qoros’ involvement.


  • fabri99

    Qamfree is the perfect name for a whorehouse.

    • uS’gedlemba


  • smartacus

    and here we were thinking the first camless engines will be low-revving diesels that will eventually be refined up to higher-revving petrol engines.

    Since Koenigsegg is chairman of the board, you know it will be built to handle revs.

    the camless valvetrain is supposedly 50% shorter than a camshaft.
    Maybe that will mean more flat-6 and 120degree V6 engines will be able to fit in regular front-engine cars.

  • dj_aris

    But what is the actual benefit performance-wise? Fiat Multiair has already computer controlled intake valves and they claim +10% output and -10% fuel consumption. What are the respective figures for this system?

    • Kevin

      They can turn off individual cylinders. You are not throwing away fuel by injecting it into cylinders you do not need. Koenigseggs are so lightweight and their cylinders are so large, I bet they could go down to one cylinder when cruising around town. This could make them just as fuel efficient as normal cars, despite their enormous horsepower. They will also be able to adjust the timing for any type of fuel. Just tell the car’s computer what fuel you filled it up with.

      • John

        They could use only two cylinder on low power demand and use the other two as an air pump charging an air tank to use the air for acceleration or when at crawling speed, or starting from standstill. The stored compressed air can also be used for a supercharged boost on acceleration. All this means the engine can be smaller. The stored energy, air, comes in when on high engine demand. Kinetic braking energy can also charge the air tank.

    • John

      The engine is 3/4 of the length and height. About 10% lighter I think, 30% more torque and power and 30% less fuel used. Existing engines can be adapted. So, makers can adopt this ASAP.

      The FIAT has cams and is complex. This is not complex. The valves are activated by an electronic/air system.

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