Report: It Hasn’t Gotten Any Better To Work On Top Gear

Long live the Top Gear drama?

The BBC car show, beset with production issues and reports of a tempestuous relationship between new hosts, now finds the subject of more on-set gossip, according to a report from The Sun newspaper.

The Top Gear staff is apparently worried about host Chris Evans’ volatile behavior behind the scenes. In the report, there is one account from an unnamed source, who revealed, “one recent incident saw Evans “shout so viciously that the producer was reduced to tears and an engineer had to tell him to stop.”

Evans, who was named the new host in June 2015 to replace the fired Jeremy Clarkson, has already had bad press over his alleged work schedule and touchy relationship with co-host Matt LeBlanc. Yet Evans was supposed to usher in a new, calmer era after Clarkson was ousted over his physical run-in with a producer. Based on the reports that have emerged before the show’s launch, the show is just as volatile as the last days of the old reign.

And this all comes as the former hosts of Top Gear are getting their new venture off the ground. Stay tuned.