This Is Ford’s Idea Of A Stealthy Police Interceptor SUV

Now you see it, now you don’t – well, not really, but Ford thinks those on the run from law enforcement will have a more difficult time recognizing police Interceptors with their new ‘Visor Light Bar’.

The automaker will offer a new, factory-installed “no profile” front interior visor light bar, fully integrated at the top of the windshield, providing a stealthy appearance for patrol vehicles, as it eliminates the need for a visible roof-mounted light bar.

Today, agencies typically use aftermarket interior visor light bars that are somewhat bulky and can obstruct the field of vision – especially for taller officers. This extremely low-profile unit is fully integrated where the headliner and top of the windshield meet, for tremendously improved driver visibility versus aftermarket alternatives“, said Ford Police Marketing Manager for North American fleet, lease and remarketing operations, Stephen Tyler.

Adding the new interior visor light means that the dark shade band, found at the top of the windshield, will be replaced by clear glass, which provides better brightness and color visibility. When activated, the lights flash alternating red and blue bars through the top of the windshield, but they can be programmed for blue/blue or red/red operations too.

On top of that, the visor lights feature bright-white “take down” and “scene” capabilities, for improved forward visibility and they can also be programmed from full intensity down to 20 percent; there is an auto-dimming capability as well. The lights can be set up to meet California Title 13 regulations, they come with a limited warranty and they are available to order on the 2017 Ford Police Interceptor Utility.


  • Kash

    The biggest give away, besides the massive spotlights are the rims, always have been, always will be. If you want stealth, develop some alloys at the least to help disguise it or just get rid of those hideous center caps, or paint them black. I’d also look at developing spot lights that can fold into the cabin by rolling down the front windows. This “attempt” at being stealthy is such a tryhard it’s painfully obvious.

    • MultiKdizzle

      Don’t give them any ideas…

    • Jay

      In my area the units actually have normal rims on the stealth vehicles.. fortunately they still have the spot light giveaway.

      • Kash

        Here in vegas it depends on if it’s a Ford or Chevy what the rims look like. Fords have the chrome center caps, chevy’s don’t but they ALL have the black rims. Bonus round: We also get Holden Caprice’s completely unmarked, with hub caps, sans spotlights and they stick out badly, even with the chevy badge slapped on the front.

        • Jay

          They’d stick out like a sore thumb on the east coast as we don’t even have the chevy/holden caprice for sale lol.

          • Kash

            they’re not sold anywhere in America so they stick out here as well. it’s really weird. I’ve also seen a Holden Ute here but it wasn’t a cop car and had an actual Holden badge.

          • Jay

            Thats interesting, I’m definitely eying that Commodore SS-V REDLINE.. the Chevy SS isn’t as appealing.

          • Kash

            Meh. I liked the SS and thought it was a great car but i didn’t love it, it didn’t thrill me like my CTS-V does. I wouldn’t mind a HSV Maloo though.

          • Jay

            The SS looks so plain, what they did with the commodore is perfect. definitely lets you know the car means business.. Now I do also like the CTS-V.. But.. A fast Caddy?? nah.. I’ll pass on that. Cadillac is still for american(cheap) luxury in my book. I had no idea there was yet another brand with the same vehicles.

          • Kash

            The CTS-V isn’t based on the SS/Commodore. Uses a completely different platform that’s shared with the ATS and 6th Gen Camaro. The Commodore/SS uses the 5th Gen Camaro’s platform. the CTS also uses the Z06’s supercharged engine.

          • Jay

            You misunderstood. I know the CTS-V wasn’t based on the other models. I was refereeing to the Holden Commodore and the HSV Clubsport R8. Same car just different names. Same with the UTE and Maloo..

          • Kash

            I did misunderstand. my bad.

          • Jay

            And I misspelled misunderstood lmao.

  • xDRAN0x

    Are SUVs limitied to specific police role or its either sedan or SUV for everyone? i.e. why having SUVs in the fleet?

    • T_Cake

      Good question. There’s a sheriff in the city I live in that drives a 4×4, four door F150 as his work ride, light bar and all.

  • kachuks

    I drive a 2015 for work and the seats are hideously uncomfortable. I feel sorry for any officer that has to sit in this thing for an entire shift. I wonder if all the hoopla about their new seat architecture for the 2016 model is true.

  • europeon

    Yey! Animated GIFs!

    • Kash

      I’m glad I wasn’t the only one easily entertained by that. lol.

      • europeon

        I’m pretty sure we need to rethink our lives. 🙂

        • Kash

          nahhhh. no shame in relaxing to enjoy the simple things from time to time.

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