2017 Land Rover Discovery Interior Uncovered, We’re Not Impressed

There’s no shortage of test mules and prototypes testing in camo, but this is the first time we see the dashboard of the all-new Discovery.

Hard to believe that this is going to be only the third generation of Land Rover’s mid-size 4×4, isn’t it?

And yet, the current Discovery, that was rebadged the LR3 in the US, dates back to 2004, and the LR4 is just a heavy update. Now, though, we’re talking about a brand new model built from the ground up.

The bodywork design is, naturally, sportier in with the rest of the brand’s SUVs, yet the Achilles feet of the LR4 was its interior that was oh-so-early 2000s. For the 2017MY that will be launched this year, the only thing that’s been retained in the cabin is the seven-seat layout.

The dashboard has been totally redesigned. Gone are the round air vents, replaced by horizontal ones, the button layout has been simplified though there’s still a rotary control for the auto gearbox. Better quality materials will surely be trumpeted by Land Rover, but from the images we can’t say we’re impressed with details such as the heating controls.

Scheduled for launch within the year, it will ditch the LR4 nameplate and be available worldwide as the Discovery – yes, in the States too – to keep in line with the rest of Land Rovers even more.

An aluminum platform will help shave around 100 kg of weight and some of the new in-house developed Ingenium petrol and diesel engine will be picked to power the British SUV. A hot SVR, to unnerve the AMG and M-bvadged competition along with an even more off-road oriented SVX and a hybrid will be part of the range, too.

Photo Credits: CarPix for CarScoops

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  • Kash

    So far from the outside of this thing i’m getting over inflated range rover

  • Rick Astley

    Hands of this guy looks better.

    • europeon

  • pcurve

    haha looks like someone tried to make Jaguar interior out of cardboard box.

  • SSS

    That should be Discovery Sport’s Interior not Discovery.
    That is also “ok” (not great) for DISCOVERY SPORT.I don’t call that a conservative…
    too old.like landrover went back to 90s interior.
    Why is screen so small with buttons while others using HUGE Screens no buttons today?
    I mean should be at least a little better or little worse than Range Rover isn’t it?
    I want them to change the interior.
    They went too conservative and should be stylish at least not being futuristic.
    Hoping that’s not the final design..

  • cooper

    The interior looks like a crappy old Mazda cx-9.

  • Dr Foster

    Yeah, that’s, er, really good. I can die now.

  • Jorge Acosta

    Man… that driver… lol….not judging tho…

  • Six_Tymes

    it looks fine. lets wait and see it all before everyone keeps bashing and always expecting something new and wonderful. But, put a long sleeve shirt on mate, or at least a band aide or two on those wounds

  • Matt

    I’ll wait until I see official images but I feel that compared to the LR4 it has lost some of its character and warmth, however a high-gloss wood finish should help.

  • Nordschleife

    I am not a fan of Jaguar, Land Rover/Range Rover interior designs in general so I feel it will leave me uninspired even in full production guise.

  • ediotsavant

    Flush buttons makes it look dated. But it will still sell.

  • getoffme

    Yet another snoozer only English people would talk highly about………..

  • john1168

    meh… I’m hoping when I see the entire interior all at once that it will look good. But, what is up with those flush buttons aft of the rotary shifter??? They look like they’re off some cheap remote control from the 90’s…

  • GT

    “Hard to believe that this is going to be only the third generation of Land Rover’s mid-size 4×4, isn’t it? ”

    Yes it is, as this will be the 4th.

    • Andreas Tsaousis

      Actually, it will be the third. The second has been around since 2004 and got a facelift and new engines in 2009. Land Rover may have renamed it the LR4, but it’s an updated version of the LR3. Just check out the bodywork, cabin and chassis. Got to admit JLR’s marketing department did a good work advertising it as a new model.

      • GT

        I guess I counted the 1998 Series II update as a generation.

  • TheHake

    The Disco 3 has been around since WAY before 2014…

    • Andreas Tsaousis

      Sure thing: it’s been with us since 2004. This was a typo on my part. Thanks for pointing out – it’s been corrected.

      • TheHake


  • MJack

    Catering the Wal Mart crowd? T-shirts and bellies?

    However; the rest of the interior looks pretty drab…

  • david

    looks like my Suburban. So glad I bought my wife a 2015 LR4 lux instead of waiting for this barely dressed chevy.

  • TheBelltower

    Now I understand why Land Rover’s reliability is total shit. Who the hell wears a wife beater T to work? Especially when it shows an irradiated and inked arm with open sores. And I thought the UAW had low standards.

  • Bash

    This should have been done in the first place!

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