Kicks Is Nissan’s New Global Subcompact Crossover [15 Images + Video]

Retaining the basic design cues of the study wearing the same moniker, the Nissan Kicks is described as “a stylish crossover built for busy city-dwellers”.

While its exterior is dominated by the brand’s V-motion grille, boomerang lighting units on both ends, prominent wheel arches and floating-style roof, inside, things are all about “quality and futuristic design”, as Nissan writes, promising “best in class passenger space in the rear”.

Some of the features found on the Kicks include a flat-bottom steering wheel, 7-inch full color display for the infotainment system, which benefits from smartphone connectivity, Around View Monitor and Moving Object Detection, a segment-first in the region.

Nissan will manufacture the Kicks at its Aguascalientes plant, in Mexico, but the subcompact crossover will also hit the assembly line at the Resende facility,in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, following a $192 million investment.

Sales will start in August, in Brazil, followed by other Latin American markets in fiscal year 2016. Eventually, the automaker will launch it in more than 80 countries globally and the United States could be one of them. Full pricing and specifications will be released close to its on-sale date.



  • Christian

    And what is the 80 other countries ??

  • jfalckt

    Looks good for a value sub-compact; getting a bit confused with the line-up now though. This is smaller than a Juke, a replacement for the Micra? or is there also a new (much needed) Micra on the way?

    • Kash

      It’s smaller than the Rogue but bigger than the Juke.

      • jfalckt

        well, there’s a niche that needed to be filled!

        • Kash

          eventually there’ll be a model for every inch in length, width, and height! Are you excited as I am? #ImASizeQueen lol.

  • chippers

    I’d be reluctant to buy it because of the embarrassing name.

    • Kash

      the name is easy to get over, that profile is not though

  • c3vzn

    Weirdly, that seems to be the best interior on mainstream Nissan right now.

  • Deckard_Cain

    This looks so much better than the Juke. Will it be available in Europe?

  • Six_Tymes

    “it will sell like hot cakes”

  • Ilbirs

    The Kicks looks very well done overall. It diverges from the three main models on the V platform (March/Micra, Versa/Latio/Almera and Note/Versa Note) as much as the Go/Go+ from Datsun, also made on the same base, but still using the main characteristic of this architecture, the low mechanical variation

    As you can see, March/Micra, Versa/Latio and Note/Versa Note all ride on the same base and also share a lot of cabin parts, like climate switches, vents and other details. Now compare to the different approaches made on the same platform by the teams that made Kicks (with a lot of input from the Brazilian headquarters) and Go (Indian ones)

    It’s been said that Kicks will have lots of room and I guess that will rival Versa/Latio when it comes to rear legroom. Maybe it’ll be also as good as Note/Versa Note, that we know it is as roomy as the Versa, only lacking a sedan rear end:

    For me it looks like that in Kicks the hip point (H point) was a little bit raised, also putting a thicker foam on the bottom of the rear seat when doing this move. The front seats look way better than the ones found in March/Micra, Versa/Latio and Note/Versa Note. If they are on an Altima level, I don’t know, but they themselves look promising. I also have the impression that the rear backrest is a little less tilted than in a Versa/Latio, as a raised seating position is more comfortable when the body is more upright than in the position we would see in the sedan
    The basic package also looks good as we can see by the dual parabolic headlights and a cabin that looks well made. For Brazil the dual color scheme body is something that wasn’t seen since the 1980s and I guess people here will love this, as they love on import rides like the Mini and the Evoque. I also liked the low center console, easing the task of exiting the car using the passenger door in case of the driver’s one being restricted by a garage pillar. I think that Nissan boys thought about this vehicle being the more ready for daily use it could be. Compare this low console to the huge Lambo-like unit we see in the HR-V and restricts the ease of getting out using the other side:

    About its initial assembly being in Mexico instead of Brazil, I guess that it’s something to use the Aguascalientes’ infrastructure, bigger than Resende’s, to speed up the release of the model, maybe these units being in practice some kind of CKD being built with Brazilian sourced parts and returning to the country as a fully assembled vehicle. Maybe the assembly in Mexico will also be some kind of testbed of a future North American spec version and the begin of its 80-countries-sold career. As it is a V platform ride, I’d also suspect of it being built on Thailand, India and other places where also this platform is built. If on a long term it’ll replace the Juke is something to be known, as it’s reasonable to guess something like this, as we’re talking about similar models and the fact that Kicks ride on a more evolved platform than Juke (built on the B from Renault-Nissan and mainly used today by Renault and Dacia)
    When it comes to what will this model have, I guess that AWD is an option, as V platform also has this possibility in some Asian spec versions of the March/Micra and the Note/Versa Note). Maybe a more powerful engine will also find its way on Kicks bay, suspecting of the MR18DE for Brazil and some turbocharged option in other places.

  • smartalec

    So is this replacing the juke?

  • MultiKdizzle

    It’s 80% there I reckon. I bet the facelift will incorporate more of the concept’s details.

    I hope the same for the Maxima.

  • iKaizen

    At certain angles it reminds me of the Dodge Omni.

  • Like_It_Is

    They should have a trim level called “Ass”…that way we can all say the new Nissan Kicks Ass

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