Man Drives Toyota Tundra For 1 Million Miles, Gets New One For Free

Driving the same truck for more than 1 million miles over the course of 9 years is quite an accomplishment, which is why Toyota has decided to award this Tundra owner with a brand new vehicle.

The million-mile (1.6 million km) Toyota Tundra is a  2007 model and was assembled at the brand’s facility in San Antonio, Texas. Its owner, Victor Sheppard, put an average of 125,000 miles (~200,000 km) annually on the odometer by driving it regularly from his home to North Dakota, Wyoming and Virginia, for his job.

Despite covering an impressive distance, the pickup truck still retains its original engine, transmission and paint job, marking 117 dealership service visits for oil changes, belt replacements and regularly scheduled check-ups: “My truck looks great, and, except for a few little dents, it’s almost new. Even the seats look just as they were when I bought it. They’re not as clean, of course, but they’re not busted or worn out“, tells Sheppard.

To celebrate the occasion, Toyota has decided to give Sheppard a brand new 2016 Tundra for free, which happens to be his 16th Tundra, and will disassemble the old pickup truck from bumper to bumper to discover how the components held up in real-world driving.


  • DMJ

    Can someone american explain to me why some american drivers have that black coating on the front, like this Tundra truck? Or some black spoilers (plastic?) on the tip of the hood?

    • xDRAN0x

      Prevent flies / rocks from damaging the car.
      Some redneck like it for style.

    • Bo Hanan

      What he has on his truck is called a “bra”. It can be removed/washed. And it does protect the frontend from damage. These were popular in the 80’s/90’s, not so much anymore. Now more people are using clear film to protect frontends.

      • T_Cake

        It seemed like those things covered every Camaro front end in the early 90’s.

    • alphalimaindia

      It’s for people that want that “prototype caught well out testing” look

    • Kash

      the plastic “spoiler” thing people put on the hood is mostly meant to help aerodynamics and help catch some bugs from splattering into the windshield as well.

    • thunder bolt

      If you drive pass any open field on a long stretch of highway in any part of the world during the spring-fall season in the early evening, you will have a lot of bugs sticking on the front end. If you do this every day, and don’t like to wash them bugs off, then wear your car a bra.

      • DMJ

        But it’s also a local thing, because in Europe I never saw a car with a bra, and we also have spring, bugs, roads and fields 🙂 But thanks for the answer.

    • Vicious

      Lmao, i’ve seen these in the UK as well… don’t think it’s just an American thing.

  • xDRAN0x

    Hell yeah, serves him good for enduring a Tundra for so much time.

  • Jay

    Wow that’s pretty amazing for 1 million miles..
    On another not this that’s the first time I’ve ever seen a speedometer count in encroachments of 10mph instead of 20.

  • Leubowski

    Job well done.
    The Driver was rewarded by a new one
    the Car that did all the work will be torn apart..
    maybe theyl find her soul.

    the front bumper cover – Bra, is there to observe all moskitos crossing the road.
    during a Million miles, one’s hits Alot of pur bugs


  • kachuks

    I still feel bad for Al Bundy not getting his Viper when his old Dodge hit 1mill.

    • Andrewthecarguy

      Ha! First thing I thought about when I saw this 🙂

  • RDS Alphard

    How to get a free pick-up truck , drive your current one for many miles & tell the manufacturer .

    • Andrewthecarguy

      Yeah….no. Not all manufacturers care. Toyota has done well challenging the American trio standard, but only up to the ‘150’ size. Toyota still doesn’t really have an answer for 250/350/450 so that’s what this truck will be used to figure out.

      • RDS Alphard

        Marketing strategy , haha

  • Ken Lyns

    And if you sit behind the wheel for 125,000 miles per year, you’ll look as big as that guy too…

  • Ary Wisesa

    Wow… His Tundra is very reliable. 🙂

    • TheHake

      Like all Toyota trucks. Just try to destroy a Hilux!

  • smartacus

    And the owner is pretty impressive too for eating 1 Million McNuggets

  • Greg Leblanc Toyota

    Here’s a video from the Million Mile Tundra Event!

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