Subaru’s 2017 BRZ Facelift In New Photos & Video

Earlier today, we told you about Subaru’s refreshed 2017 BRZ with improved handling, a few extra horses, new features and some styling tweaks, and now, we can share some additional photos and the first video of the coupe.

Most of the upgrades and updates on the 2017 BRZ are common with the facelifted Scion FR-S that will be sold as the Toyota 86 after the demise of the Scion brand this fall.

Subaru promises enhanced performance for the 6-speed manual model that gets a lower final drive ratio from 4.1 to 4.3:1 along with a 5hp and 5-lb-ft boost to 205hp and 156 lb-ft of torque respectively for its 2.0L boxer engine, thanks to a new aluminum intake manifold and redesigned exhaust manifold for increased air flow. The 6sp automatic version retains the outgoing model’s 200hp and 151 lb-ft four-pot.

All models gets a revised chassis with updated coil springs and dampers along with a larger rear stabilizer bar, reinforced strut tower braces, transmission cross-member plate and rear wheel housings, plus increased thresholds for the stability control system. An Incline Start Assist system that prevents the car from rolling back now comes as standard.

Those demanding better handling can opt for the Performance Package that’s available on the Limited trim with a 6sp manual transmission and which adds Brembo calipers and larger rotors on all four corners, SACHS Performance shocks and bespoke 17-inch black alloy wheels.

Like Toyota with its 86, Subaru made some subtle tweaks to the BRZ’s appearance, mainly on the front end with a redesigned bumper and headlamps that now incorporate DRLs and optional LED fog lights, while at the back, it gets the same LED tail lamps as the 86 along with an aluminum spoiler. There are new alloy wheel designs too. Completing the styling tweaks are some mild changes inside, such as the 4.2-in LCD display placed to the right of the tachometer, a redesigned steering wheel with new controls and an updated HVAC control panel.

Thanks to McF1 for the tip!


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  • fabri99

    Very very sweet, much better than the GT86 upgrade.

    • Aquaflex

      I use to own a 2013 bRZ limited! I loved that car! This one looks way better but I still would want the next gen if they finally put a turbo into it. That’s what this car needs but mine was tuned and was 185 HP to the wheels and 8k rpm redline all thanks to ecutek and Dynotronics tunning. The car was super reliable and resale value is still good on these. I am hoping the next gen civic type r and civic si are gonna be bad ass even though they are front wheel drive.

      • Mind Synthetic

        no turbo for next model they already confirmed the fact that turbo is an easy solution to everyone’s whining, they are going purist way with suspension and vehicle dynamics. you want a turbo install one yourself. its a subaru for crying out loud. powerplants are cheap

        • Aquaflex

          The next generation BRZ/86 maybe the last generation of this car if it don’t have at least 240hp…the cheapest and easiest way for Subaru/Toyota to do this is with the WRX turbo motor. Subaru’s are known for making good turbo engines. They have one that will fit from the WRX. I heard people have done engine swaps with the 2.0 liter turbo motor of the WRX into the bRZ and it was Awesome. Next generation Civic si and type r and s2000 will be turbo. Honda has embraced the turbo I wonder why Subaru is scared of the turbo when they already make good turbos?🙄

          I don’t see Subaru making a really good normally aspirated engine that was epic like what Honda did back in the day.

          Many they will put a NA flat 6 into the next gen BRZ/86…

    • getoffme

      They are both pretty much the same minus the Performance package.

      • fabri99

        As for what concerns the looks, I meant.

  • Six_Tymes

    Looking forward to Chris or big Matt taking this for a real test on a twisty track, not road. I just wish this or the 86 had a flat bottom steering wheel and a better dashboard design, I dislike the hump above the center stack. But over all, the upgrades and tweaks might finally get me to by one. That is If the new job goes well.

  • jaykit

    Nice looking. It only took them six years to give it a decent set of wheels.

    I still cannot figure out why this car does not have the new(er) WRX base motor in there. This bothers me to the core. So much potential yet so much fail. It must be due to the Toyobaru corporate tie-up.

    • Aquaflex

      Yep it needs that motor and it would be an epic car…or a 2.0 motor that was special like the S2000 motor was and is…

  • Matthijs

    Good facelift. The model itself already looked dated when it came out..

  • Honda NSX-R

    That front end looks so much better than the one on the new 86

  • Six Thousand Times

    Glad they keep developing it. It’d probably be just as easy to kill it in favour of another niche CUV and quadruple sales. Again, glad that isn’t happening.

  • WTF

    Wow! the slowest sports car at its price point by a wide margin now has 5 more horses and insignificant upgrades this thing is going to fly off the lots

    • Vanishing Boy

      -> Um the slowest sports car title belong to the Daihatsu Copen Kei-sports from JDM-land.

      • WTF

        its uhm, and show me how that car costs as much as this thing does because it doesnt…..irrelevant comment, irrelevant car….translation idiotic comment, pathetic car

  • Braddo

    looks as dull as it did before. pretty crap effort. had always looked dated both of these models. not a fan at all.

  • SteersUright

    This car is so close to an enthusiast wet dream. Just a beautifully designed interior with more impressive tech (like screen gauges and larger high-res infotainment) along with some slightly more refined designed tweaks and this would be the little Alfa Romeo’esque coupe normal people could afford. As it is, its pretty awesome and would be curious to see how it holds its own against the new Miata Coupe.

  • Paul

    Well at least there is a little bit more power and a revised final drive ratio to take advantage of it. My hope is the this both helps with acceleration as well as improves the intake noise(never a strong suit for the Toyobaru twins). It has always been a good handling car and frankly rated better than the new Miata in this aspect. Styling is an improvement and interior quality is a step in the right direction. We will have to see if there are any improved performance numbers to back up these changes.

  • McF1

    Thank you kindly John & Sergiu.

  • BlackPegasus

    I like what they’ve done with the exterior. Hopefully the interior will look a step above absolute shhtt.