Turkey Brags Its Pehlivan Electric Car Will Shame A Tesla

“Why did Turkey cross Elon Musk? Because it’ll stuff his EVs, that’s why!” No disrespect to the country, but one can’t resist the joke – not when it goes on the record saying its upcoming Pehlivan electric car will be better than a Tesla.

Turkish Science, Industry and Technology Minister Fikri Işık did actually make that statement, according to a Hurriyet Daily News report.

“Our car will be better and safer than Tesla’s car”, said Isik. “While they need to establish charging stations, we will integrate the charging station into the car thanks to a developed engine which extends the car’s range.”

The Pehlivan (that’s Turkish for wrestler) is the winning design of a competition that was sponsored by the Turkish government and was co-developed with TÜBİTAK, the country’s Scientific and Technical Research Council.

Having just completed a two-week tour of the Balkans at Sarajevo, Serbia, the project is part of Turkey’s initiative of developing its homebuilt EV. Last October, it sealed a deal with Saab owner NEVS and acquired the electric Saab 9-3 intellectual rights, though not its name as it will be sold under a new, Turkish brand.

“One of the world’s largest battery manufacturers offered us to make production jointly. We have already built cooperation with Bosch in the framework of our car project”, Isik added.

“We want to produce the range extender conventional engine in Turkey by the end of 2018 with having the intellectual property rights of the technology. We are also in talks with several companies for further cooperation. The two-cylindrical gasoline-powered engine with a 1 liter capacity, which will also serve as a generator, will work with high productivity at around 35 percent.”

So, this is going to be an EV with a range extender. Nothing we’ve seen before, right? Mr. Musk, you’d better brace yourself – or not…


  • Joe Mosely

    Does the 1 liter generator burn wood for fuel?

    • Mind Synthetic

      no, it burns all that defile the great erdogan

    • hanz

      no it only burns kebabs

    • Talha Yalta

      It is interesting to notice that Turkish school kids are designing and developing electric vehicles while other school kids are making sarcastic jokes.

      • apnta

        you rekt those guys off tfw lol!


  • Fling3t

    Not in the looks department

  • Six_Tymes

    That’s a Audi TT looking shell, cutting corners again.

  • Imjus Sayin

    Hmmm….instead of Tesla, They have a Prius like car since it requires GAS for the 1 litre built in 2 cylinder ICE. A Tesle is a PURE EV thus the need for “Charging Stations”. Not exactly the same level of tech.

    • Imjus Hungry

      …..umm Mr. Musk, can you pass the cranberry and gravy sause? This Turkeys’ kinda dry. Thanks.

  • LeftLanePrius

    I have to say, it’s groups like this that give EVs a bad reputation. I have never been to Turkey, so I cannot understand their needs for a vehicle.

    • Obsequious Lickspittle

      Go and find out then.

  • Braddo

    shame it looks like shit.

  • Harlan McCartney

    They can park this dream next to the Libyan supercar the “Saroukh el-Jamahiriya”

  • Talha Yalta

    This is a misleading article. The EV that Turkish Minister is talking about is a completely different project. The car in the pictures is a school project done by 16 students from the Engineering Faculty of Trakya University, Turkey. It weighs 160 kg’s, has a top speed of about 100 km/hr and has lithium batteries that are charged in 45 minutes for a 100 km range. Not too bad for some university students if you ask me. On a side note, it is really sad to see how the US and European people becoming more and more ignorant each year, especially on Topics about Turkey and Islamic countries in general. Perhaps it is the media conglomerates that think they can dictate people what to believe given enough time and enough number of misleading articles.

    • blasphemermantis

      Despite the constant opposite effort; Turkey is “still” not an islamic country, but a secular one. USA or EU is another topic, yet, dictating, misleading, and keeping people ignorant is a well-known policy and agenda of today’s Turkish Government…

      • Talha Yalta

        I would probably think exactly the same way if my knowledge on the country was solely based on a bunch of newspaper articles such as the above trying to smear and scorn Turkey.

        • blasphemermantis

          For me; 45 years experience in Turkey is enough to know the country and its mass of nationalism-blinded members and media whose main reflexes are framing the country as the peak and glory of every aspect, not being able to handle any tiny piece of criticism, and explaining all problems in a victimisation paradigm mainly as “internal and external enemies”.

          I am telling this as a professional working in projects for Automotive Industry: If you wanna make tech or science; at least a car with a commercial success; you need far more virtues and skills than nationalism and pride…

    • Clinton comer

      Perhaps you should stick to the Turkish car news and websites? I’m sure they provide the latest information on all of the Islamic and Turkish car news. It is a little obvious that the middle east is a little behind in the technology arena.

      • Talha Yalta

        Yes. So behind that a bunch of university students in Turkey can desing and build an electric vehicle on their own and go on a tour of the Balkan countries with it.

        Just to let you know, among other things, Turkey has a huge auto industry. In fact, a large percentage of cars sold in Europe, Middle East and North Africa are produced there.

        • blasphemermantis

          None is talking about Turkey’s “Production Capabilities” the topic is their ridiculous claims and pride about their own “Design Capabilities.”

          • Talha Yalta

            You already claim to know Turkey very well but maybe no so. Let me break some news to you: Turkey is one of the few countries that can develop and build its own communications satellites, medium range passenger jets, helicopters, armed drones that can in some respects outperform the US made ones and so on. Furthermore, many Turkish designed and manufactured household appliances including LCD TVs, fridges, dishwashers etc are sold all around the Europe and the Middle East.

            The Turkish minister has asserted that they will be implementing in the new electric car a large number of technologies developed for the military industry. He said, basically, it will be a “sophisticated computer on wheels”. I know they are pretty serious on this project. Not at all like your “ridiculous claims” about knowing Turkey.

          • blasphemermantis

            I am also Turkish, who have been working abroad in similar industries you mentioned. I have quite much interest and criticism on the projects you mentioned; moreover I even professionally involved one of these projects. For sure, none are fully designed by Turkey; not even half; due to lacking know-how and industrial culture. You can pay others to do your development (just like this case) but you can not buy know-how; you can only build it…
            Yet there is no point for further explanations about it; as the reality of industry will not find response in a nationalism-blinded mind…

            But good to keep in mind, analysing the objective reality without moral values; is the first step of progress…

    • alexxx

      dont try to educate ignorants…no use…
      everybody have to reach the truth by themselves…

    • Joe Mosely

      Not sure if you’re trying to be ironic. As has been written. The proof is in the pudding. So it goes.

  • Alban Gojani

    It’s Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, not Serbia.

  • cronin

    It’s difficult to be “safer” when you’re carrying around an explosive liquid…

  • hanz

    Now they can supply ISIS with electric suicide bomb cars…. brilliant.

  • Huseyin Talat

    Its great to read your news about my country, Turkey. Thank you for your interest about Turkey and hoping you keep writing your perspectives about the happenings in Turkiye.

    I want to inform you about some mistake in your latest post about Turkiye; “turkey says its new electric car is better than a tesla”

    The images and videos you shared with in your post belongs to some student project from a university in Turkey. The project that turkish minister declared is totaly different. Hoping you correct the referance videos and images with the related car project. ( I shared links below related to the project that the Turkish Minister refered at his speech.)





    Regards and best wishes from Turkey.

  • S3XY


    1. Has an engine

    2. Looks like a POS.

    3. Has an engine.


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