Is This Shortened Porsche Panamera A 928 Coupe Test Mule?

Porsche is adding fuel to the persisting rumors that it’s working on a modern-day 928 GT coupe after our spies caught a test mule based on a shortened version of the next Panamera saloon in Europe.

A similar prototype wearing UK plates registered under Bentley’s name had been spotted in the past in Britain, indicating that it could be a mule for the next Continental GT, which will share its underpinnings with the Panamera II, but this one comes with Porsche registered plates.

The tester is riding on a shorter wheelbase version of Porsche’s new Modular Standard Platform (MSB) fitted under the chopped body of the G2-codenamed 2017 Panamera that will be revealed later this year, while a closer examination of the wheel arches shows that it might be running on wider tracks as well. It also has a wider rear wing at the back that doesn’t match the stock opening.

Should this be a case of Porsche developing a spiritual successor to the iconic 928 Coupe that remained in production for nearly two decades until 1995, the design of the car will probably incorporate styling cues from both the new Panamera and the 911 featuring a more geometric styling than the original. Such a car would compete with Mercedes-Benz’ S-Class Coupe, Bentley’s Continental GT and if another rumor concerning BMW comes into fruition, the 8-Series too.

Naturally, engine and transmission options would be shared with the higher end versions of the 2017 Panamera including its new twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8s in both rear- and all-wheel drive layouts.

Photo Credits: CarPix for CarScoops

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  • Gustavo Adriano

    If this would be real, I’d love to see it in production, 928 was a great Gran Turismo and since was finished production I miss a real Porsche GT. Moreover, Mercedes already has the S Coupé and BMW the 6 Series, Porsche could compete against them.

  • Elmediterraneo

    Mercedes S Coupe = Bentley Continental
    Panamera 2 door = Mercedes E Coupe = BMW 6 Coupe
    Panamera 4 door = Mercedes CLS = BMW 6 GranCoupe

    • Evan McMaster

      The current E Class Coupe rides on the C Class platform so it definitely doesn’t compete with the 6 series coupe or the “Panamera 2 door” because that would be on the same platform as the continental which is definitely not comparable to a C class.

      • Elmediterraneo

        I was takling about the new generation E Coupe which is properly based on the new E Class

        • Evan McMaster

          The E class still doesn’t compare to a panamara.

          • Elmediterraneo

            2 door Panamera = E-class coupe
            4 door Panamera = CLS

          • Evan McMaster

            No the Panamera is in the same class as the A8 and S Class not the A6/A7 and E/CLS Class

          • Elmediterraneo

            The Panamera got a LWB limousine version ? No
            The Panamera got a top of the range 12 cylinder version ? No

            The Panamera is 4 door coupe with a V8 at the top of the range.
            Just like the M6 GranCoupe, the RS7 and the CLS 63.

          • Evan McMaster

            The panamera actually does have a long wheelbase version and a V12 is not what defines that class of vehicle. You are wrong once again.

          • Mynameis Taylor

            I have to agree with Evan. The Panamera is more comparable to the Mercedes S Class as well as the likes of the Maserati Quattroporte..maybe even the Aston Martin Rapide.. But certainly NOT any E class varient.

          • TheHake

            Do you even know what an ‘equal’ sign means?

      • Matt

        The e coupe is around the same size as the 6 series coupe and is much more upscale inside then the the current 6 as well as offering the amg 63 which has the performance of the m6 so it does compete with the 6 series.

        • Evan McMaster

          Where to even start with your inaccuracies? First the E Class coupe is 20 cm shorter than the 6 series coupe, which is quite a big difference. Then we have the fact that the interior of the E Class Coupe is not as nice as that of the 6 Series Coupe. Then lastly, the E Class Coupe only comes in 2 variants, the E400 and E550. There is no such thing as an E63 coupe. In future, please learn your facts before wasting my time with your pointless comments.

  • benT

    glad it’s been shortened – now I can get one coz’ it will fit in the garage!

  • Kash

    Maybe they’re testing a smaller sedan and not a coupe.

    • europeon

      Yup, that must be it. As far as I remember, they have plans for an E segment sedan.

      • Kash

        I mean I’m still hoping for the Pajun, but i could go for something like a medium-large coupe too, but I’m betting on this being a smaller sedan.

        • JohnCarscoop

          I don’t think so because the so-called Pajun projects seems to have turned into a fully-electric sedan (previewed by the Mission E concept). This prototype is definitely not a battery-powered model, as German law stipulates that EV and PHEV testers need to be clearly marked for safety reasons – that’s why you see those stickers on prototypes. Unless they’re evaluating the platform only.

          • Kash

            I don’t think it’s the Mission E either, that’s obvious, unless like you said, it’s a strict platform test, but that seems odd to me especially since it’s not testing with an EV/PHEV powertrain, why test the platform without the powerplant that’s gonna be powering it?

            I’m still thinking this is the Pajun only because a smaller sedan to sit alongside the Macan like the Panamera sits alongside the Cayenne makes more sense than a 928 at this time.

          • europeon

            I distinctly remember that at a shareholder meeting or something they said tere will be a petrol powered E segment car by 2018, not electric or hybrid.

            I just can’t find the article.

  • JBsC6

    Wish it were a 928 but this looks more like Porsche is entering a new battle with BMW 5 series sedan.


  • Six Thousand Times

    We can only hope so.

  • Bo Hanan

    Didn’t Porsche want a 5/E/A6 competitor? This might be that car.

  • javier

    4 doors super lame

  • Mynameis Taylor

    I’m really excited to see the 2nd generation Panamera.Those minor exterior changes will go a long long way.

  • TedNotTheBear

    Looks like a would be 3 series fighter.

  • TheHake

    That would be great! In only 30 years I’ll be able to afford one!

  • Miknik

    Could also be the next generation Bentley Continental GT, which will be based on the Panamera.

  • smartacus

    if this is the test mule for the 928 they better go back and redesign it. The 928 is supposed to be really low slung like a Cayman.

    • smartacus

      and it’s supposed to have an 18ft long serpentine drive belt :p

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