RevoZport’s 650HP Mercedes-AMG GT S Beats The GT R Hands Down

Mercedes-AMG’s mean-looking machine, the AMG GT S, has been transformed into a different animal by the Germans from RevoZport.

A new titanium exhaust, along with free-flow intake system and bespoke ECU mapping have taken the AMG GT S’ stock output from 503 HP (510 PS) to an impressive 650 HP (659 PS). This means that the tuner’s new GTZ-650 package makes it punchier than the AMG GT R that sports “just” 577 HP (585 PS).

The tuned Merc distinguishes itself from the stock car with a new body kit, which combines carbon-kevlar and carbon and draws inspiration from the SLS AMG Black Series by adding a new front splitter, front bumper canards, side skirts, rear diffuser and GT spoiler with decklid panel as well as a carbon-fiber grille and side mirror caps.

RevoZport has not yet disclosed its asking price for the GTZ-650 package, so owners of the GT S that don’t want to swap for the R, or simply want more from their ride, will have to go to the trouble of making a call.