Watch The World Premiere Of Audi’s New 2017 A5 Coupé [First Photos]

After a long wait and countless teasers, Audi is ready to unveil the new A5 Coupe today, and you can watch the sheet being pulled back live through a streaming video right here at Carscoops at 3:15 PM EST (US) or 9:15 PM CEST (EU).

We’ll bring you all the official details and imagery on Audi’s second generation A5 Coupe once they’re out in a couple of hours from now.

What we know about the 2017 A5 is that it’s built around Audi’s latest A4 series sharing the same suspension, lighter chassis, newer powertrains, tech features and much of the interior.

It will have more room than its predecessor, thanks to an increased wheelbase, and will be offered with a selection of four-cylinder and V6 turbocharged diesel and gasoline engines paired to manual or dual-clutch transmissions. Audi’s Quattro all-wheel drive system will be optional on base models and standard on higher-output variants, including the future RS5 flagship that drops the naturally-aspirated V8 for a more powerful turbocharged V6.

Further down the road, the A5 range will welcome the successors to the soft-top Convertible and the five-door Sportback.

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