Someone Thought A Slammed Ferrari Was A Good Idea

As if Liberty Walk’s work on certain Ferrari models wasn’t sacrilegious enough, this Japanese tuner takes it a few notches up with a slammed 348.

Although it reached its pinnacle some time ago, the low rider scene is still going strong, with various tuners opting to slam their cars as close to the ground as possible, in order to give them a clean/sporty/aggressive look.

Now, depending on who you ask, a car’s stance varies from scene to scene, with every culture following certain standards. The term stance varies greatly from the one that is accompanied by words like “poke, stretch, tuck, drop, and flush” – a mix of USDM culture with Euro-spec Worthersee-prepped Volkswagens. And somewhere in the middle lies this 348.

By today’s standards, the mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive V8-powered sports car isn’t excruciatingly fast, but it is an affordable Ferrari (for now), that can still turn heads. So why not make it a hands-down attention grabber?

That’s probably what Japan-based tuner shop FERS.CRU thought, as it widened and flared the Ferrari’s body to accommodate the humongous split rims. Crafted for shop Slacker’s Haunt, the Pininfarina-sketched vehicle was lowered to the point of being un-drivable.

Well, at least it comes equipped with air suspension and it can become a normal Ferrari after showing-off.


  • Six_Tymes

    Some one should be slammed for ruining a great car. what a shame.



  • Bananarama

    People are free to spend their money on whatever they want, but slamming just gets under my skin. They are literally ruining the way a car drives for an aesthetic “benefit.” Which, I’m sorry, looks awful. Wheels should not camber out that much and look like they’re about the fall off. The gap between the wheel and body arch shouldn’t get fat then thin at the top, it should stay even.

    Paint the car however you want, put a dumb spoiler on it, add some tacky LEDS. Anything is less offensive to me than this crap. So sad to see a car so valuable like this get ruined because of this fad.

    • gor134

      Have you never heard of bags? This car is likely bagged. Which means it is riding on an air suspension which allows you to lower the car, and raise it when you are driving. This actually provides a more comfortable ride since the car is riding on “air bags”.

      • Tyrus R.

        Yes, you can change ride height with an airbag system but you sacrifice ride comfort… unless you like bouncing around in your car as though on pogo sticks instead of wheels. It goes without saying that you have the freedom to like what you choose, but for the most part people here are of the opinion “FUNCTION > (trendy) APPEARANCE” and not the other way around. The cars featured here are usually of the “high performance” variety, and to see these vehicles destroyed with these faddish stance mods is confounding to say the least. Example: A fresh off the lot Lamborghini Huracan – 602 horspower and 413 lb-ft torque at 6,500 RPM, 0-60 in 2.5 seconds. Enter stance *uckery: Now you can no longer drive faster then 40 mph because that negative camber you covet so much is causing you to drift out of your lane on the freeway. gor134: You’re the guy wearing the brown shorts —

        • gor134

          Too much negative camber is bad, but if you know anything about racecars, it is that they have a bit of negative camber themselves. Have you seen formula drift cars? Yes, they spent most of their time going sideways, but they can still go very quickly in a straight line.

          • Tyrus R.

            The camber on those drift cars suits their purpose and they are not concerned with being driven on public roads endangering civilians in other cars going about their business.

          • gor134
          • Tyrus R.

            2 replies and it doesn’t seem to be registering with you. You are either trolling or a kid (precisely the Hellaflush demographic). Regarding the video you linked, it demonstrates that a drift car can be driven on a public road in traffic (with negative camber on the front wheels only). Now insert the Ferrari 348 at the top of this page into the equation as a daily driver, having to contend with driveways, potholes, and those limited contact patches on all four tires. The vehicle gets damaged unnecessarily (front bumper, fender arches, undercarriage, etc) ticket fines pile up (because cops absolutely love this Hellaflush stuff), and you have the added bonus of having to deal with mechanical failures of all the unnecessary add-ons that you have installed just so you can be Hellaflush for your buddies (add-ons the people that designed and engineered the car never took into account). There’s a reason warranties of new cars are voided when you do these kinds of modifications. Because they are unsafe and they serve no purpose. But keep drinking that Mark Arcenal Kool-Aid because one day all the negatives of being Hellaflush are going to snowball for you and you’ll come to the realization that you’ve grown up.

  • Craig

    I would rather they ‘donked’ it!

    • Six Thousand Times

      I might not go that far…

  • drc

    The Ferrari was crying as it was being tortured.

  • Hellastupid

    Are any of these sacrilegious people actual engineers or are they just asshats?!

  • Carlos Gamarra

    for me it’s ok to stance some cars exCEPT THIS-

    why? just wHY?

  • benT

    dress him/her as a cop and post them to Dallas

  • TheHake

    Someone is going to hell for doing this…

  • Dennis James

    Too bad that something very heavy fell over the car at the last minute.

  • D3X

    Ok, the really high camber + stretch tires may not be everyone’s thing. But all of you need to realize that to achieve that kind of low stance, these cars are on an Air Ride Suspension. So the actual rolling/driving height need to be higher and can be adjusted, see one of the pictures where the car is raised to it’s highest setting (see picture below). I must commend the work done to the fender, which looks like a really well done job. Almost unnoticeable given the amount of material they removed.

    Sure the exotic purists will likely get upset, but this is a 348 afterall. Which many Ferrari fans thought was a cheap budget Ferrari…

  • Trackhacker

    Looks like a ricer now….hip hip hooray! I’m surprised he didn’t go Rocket Bunny.

  • Six Thousand Times

    I like to think I’m pretty open-minded when it comes to weird car subcultures. Cars and people’s enthusiasm for cars is in general, pretty cool. I didn’t like donks, so there was that but I really don’t care for stancing. Here’s hoping this one will be a short bad craze to be ridden out.

  • Zed68

    It looks so tired !!!!

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